LED Lighting Systems for Horticulture Applications
Exclusive V.2 Technology

In Lightech we´re always in trying to be ahead of the latest LED technology, which is why we are proud to present new models V.2, including 8 different wavelengths, providing a unique color curve. Have been created by our technical team and designed to improve the performance of previous versions, especially in processes of flowering and ripening of fruits.
Horticulture Technology applied

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For their versatility, are useful in all kinds of crops and substrates, reducing the risk of pests. Its spectrum of color allows the full development in stages of growth and flowering. His incredible refraction angle of 120 º can cover large areas of cultivation. Also increase safety by reducing the risk of fire, and short circuit. LED GROW'S does not use mercury or other harmful materials. All this added to their long life LED's Grow make the most cost-effectively way to optimize their crop

LED's Grow can be used as single point of light by replacing 400w for 120W of LED, or in combination with traditional HID equipment.
Long Life

The lifetime of LEDs, is about 30,000 hours (100% working), thereafter there is a gradual deterioration of about 30% in the following 20.000h. The internal intelligent cooling system prevents overheating
Maximum Performance

This unique configuration achieves a wider range of color, which responds very accurately to the needs of the process of photosynthesis light. LED's Grow V.2 delivers with greater intensity in areas of spectrum highly useful, focusing on the fringe of the far red and near red (660 & 630nm), which is responsible for most of the photosynthesis process. It also balances the blue near / distant responsible of phototropic processes. The warm white (3200 º K) covers those ranges of color (yellow, orange, green, ...), which is slight but essential for good health and a good development of plants. Finally, implement a small ratio of UV very useful in the final process of maturation.
Color Graphic

The graph shows the light intensity (Radiant Power), issued through the different color bands of the spectrum (wavelenght)

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