LED Lighting Systems for Horticulture Applications
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We´re proud to introduce you Led´s Grow V.2, the Led systems specially designed by Lightech for technical Horticulture applications.

The newer V.2 series are the most advanced Led Grow Light available at the moment. We have designed an exclusive color system, including 8 different wavelenghts, with a unique combination that fits with precision to the A / B chlorophill photosyntesis curve, improving a great performance in growth and flowering cycles.

All units are provided with High Power Epistar and Bridgelux Leds with an inteligent system inside to avoid risk.

Led´s grow V.2 is useful i any kind of cultive, soil or cocoa based or hidrophonics, indoor or greenhouse.
Led´s Grow Concept

Led current technology allows to obtain high yields 160lm/Watt. Moreover, unlike other types of incandescent light, it enables the emission of very specific wavelenghts. On this basis, each unit is optimized to emit light with greater intensity in those bands of spectrum needed for the process of photosynthesis. In this way all the light emitted is used by plants, without waste, thereby producing an incredible performance with a significant energy savings without emitting heat.

This wavelengh combination is the most suitable for A+B chlorophyll synthesis processes

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. Drastic power consumption reduction (about 80%) and heat emissions (100%).
. No installation required, just hang and plug.
. No ballast, reflection screens or complex ventilation systems are needed.
. Static light with high penetration coeficient. Instantaneous power on/off.
. Compact system with inteligent cooling system integrated.
. Long life up to 50.000 hours with minimum mantenance. Vibration and crash tough.
. Non harmful materials used. CE & RoHS certified - Environment friendly.
. Specially designed for plants. Avoids pests like fleas, spiders, etc.
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